Larry Pollock and Friends lifting massive weights and showing how to use different gear, like chains, boards and bars in the gym. 

Larry Pollock and Jessica Orgovan speak about fitness, weight training and nutrition with Our Ventura TV host, Hanna Lynn Roth.

Weight training increases personal flexibility, contributes to a healthy heart and blood system, helps individuals gain muscle and convert fat, all with a goal to live a longer, stronger and healthier life.

Pollock suggests working out three days a week on nonconsecutive days. He states that each weight training session can increase one’s metabolism for up to 72 hours, which means it helps your body to burn calories and fat continuously by working out on a regular basis.

Larry Pollock competing at 2010 A.P.F. Power Lifting Championships.

Larry and Friends Bench Pressing up to 535Lbs!

Good workout on Max Effort Bench Day.

Deadlift and Bench Mix.

Squat Training for an APF Meet.

Deadlift Training for First DBL Ply meet in several years.

Squat Training with Camber Bar.

Another brutal exhibition of heavy bench presses.

Bench presses using chains.

Deadlifts using chains and other techniques.


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