T-Shirts – Moisture Wicking Athletic – Unisex


Athletic Microfibre T-Shirt – Black only.

This comfy shirt is sturdy yet comfortable. Wicks away moisture for a cool and dry feel all day. Silky feel with no snagging. Great to wear alone or under another shirt.

– Light weight
– Smooth silky hand and drape
– Wrinkle free
– Easy care
– Natural Stretch
– Extreme Moisture transport capability
– Natural insulating qualities
– Anti-Microbial function

Microfiber is a polyester filament with a strand thickness less than one denier or about 1/100th the thickness of a human hair. Microfiber has existed in nature since the silk worm spun its first cocoon. Man was successful in producing the first microfiber polyester in 1986. Since then, sales of garments made of microfiber knits or wovens have grown faster any other fabrics.


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Weight 4 lbs

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