Wrist Wraps – Heavy Duty Double Ply

$30.00 $40.00

KO GYM All Black 2 Ply Wrist Wraps with Thumb Loop come in 24” and 32” (1 pair).

IT IS KO GYM’s RECOMMENDATION for you to go up 12” more on the 2 PLY wraps.  Meaning that if you need 12”, go to 24” if you need 24”, go to 32”, these are that thick and heavy.

It’s real simple, DOUBLE the power, strength and rebound and Support

The 2 ply wraps are no joke, 100% more than 1 ply.

These are NOT for the beginning lifter. These Strong Wraps have been tested at the World Famous KO Gym for by Larry Pollock and Roy “the animal” Glenn.  These are the strongest wraps money can buy!


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

24 inch, 36 inch

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