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Attention KOGYM Members:  KOGYM now has Tanning!

What better way to complete a workout than with a relaxing cool-down in our Hex Tanning unit.

At KOGYM, we know that not everyone has time in their busy lives to relax in the warm sun to get that perfect tan for their special occasion or vacation. We have for your convenience a private and spacious tanning, outfitted with an upright HEX Tanning booth and changing area to provide tanners with a controlled UVB treatment.

Tanning is a natural process of the human body, producing the melanin pigmentation (what darkens your skin) that can actually be used to prevent some sun burning and encourages the generation of natural vitamin D.

Sessions last for a maximum of 10 minutes. Healthy tanning is tanning that does not include burning of the skin. You can still sunburn with an indoor tanner.  It is best to take into consideration your skin’s type (fair, light, medium, dark) and previous tanning experience (How often do you tan?) when deciding how long your session should be to avoid burning. Beginners are recommended to use shorter sessions and gradually increase their time over the course of several weeks.

HEX Tanning booths are outfitted with a cooling system to make your tanning experience more comfortable and are mounted with speakers so you can enjoy your favorite music while in your session. Because of the upright design of the booths, they are far more sanitary than horizontal tanning beds, allowing for a clean and pleasant stay. Unlike spray tans, lotions, and creams used to bronze or color skin, your tan will be a natural even color and last much longer.

KOGYM  provides free eye protection (a must for indoor tanning) and also sells wink ease (http://eyepro.net/winkease.htm) and the Shower Pill (http://www.showerpill.com/). Tanners are required to bring their own towels and, if they prefer, their own lotions and goggles. Because of the privacy we provide, you are welcome to tan in whatever fashion you desire.










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